Natural products…

The Patuzzo and Malvezzi Ltd., sells exclusively Organic cereals and oilseeds.
Our strength lies in building and organizing the supply chain, great care and attention is put into production control from planting to harvesting.
For years we select our producers and provide them all the means of production (seeds, fertilizers, service etc.). we organize the threshing of the harvest, we transport the products directly in our warehouse and we take care of cleaning, storage and drying.
The Biological method required by EEC Regulation 834/07 is applied with great care and diligence so that we can guarantee our customers a product of the highest quality and completely natural.
Our products are:


    Develop production chain on varieties PR91M10 (white ilo) and Amphor (high protein)
      - raw soybean
      - dehulled soybean
      - soybean panel
      - toasted soya


    Develop production chain exclusively on HIGH OLEIC SUNFLOWER


    Develop production chain mainly on varieties SENATORE CAPPELLI


    Develop production chain on strength wheat, including varieties BOLOGNA and CAPO


    For some years we have put into production the oily flax which is an annual herbaceous plant, high between 30 and 60 cm with straight stem, very fragile, branched at the end with tender leaves, lance-shaped. The flowers are large, blue-colored with 5 sepals, 5 petals, 5 yellow stamens. The fruits are capsules containing small seeds blacks or orange depending on the variety. The root is a short taproot.


    Common barley is among the species of the genus Hordeum, economically the most important, from which we get the barley food that is a considerable part of global nutrition.
  • CORN

    Corn is an annual herbaceous plant of the Poaceae family, is one of the most important cereals widely cultivated both in tropical and temperate regions, in the latter case in autumn-spring cycle.

  • RAPE

    Plant,with a bright yellow flower (or white depending on the variety), belonging to the Brassicaceae. Some botanists include the Brassica campestris within B. napus.