The natural choice…

Patuzzo and Malvezzi Clovers Trade srl is the result of a deep love for the land but also the devotion that from 40 years, the owner Patuzzo Renato, constantly puts in his work. It is a love and a passion passed down over the time because they have always been rooted in the Patuzzo’s family.
Respect and love for nature and land and the great attention in the farming methods of the rich land of the plain of Verona have meant that there was an approach to the Organic world transforming the company radically, so much so that for over 10 years the biological method provided by EEC Regulation 834/07 has become the prerogative of the company and its products.


    Love and respect for nature…
    Patuzzo Malvezzi Clovers and Trade Srl for over thirty years produces cereals and oilseeds in the fertile plains of Verona selling in the Italian and foreign markets.

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    Patuzzo Malvezzi Clovers and Trade srl provides specialized technical services to the linked companies as plowing, planting, grooming, threshing.

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    Since 2008, thanks to a new machinery, cereals and oilseeds are cleaned, selected and packed, and the high performance of the machine together with a modern optical detector, ensure a highly selected, safe and controlled product, also suitable for food use.

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